Have Your Voice Heard

Two models wearing different Tshirts from the Integra Society.

Have you signed up for the Integra Society yet? Now’s your chance! Don’t miss out on getting your free limited edition pharmacy t-shirt.

The Integra Society is an online and email-based community Integra created to enhance communication with the most important part of our business – you. As the premier forum for you to make your voice heard in the world of pharmacy, we encourage you to create, discuss, promote, share, and design the future of pharmacy. Be a part of:

1) Focus Groups – Meet with the best and brightest in the world of pharmacy; people like you. Sign up for the opportunity to share your input into what pharmacy should do and how software can help.

2) All the Latest Pharmacy News – This will be your one place to learn about all things pharmacy. News, product information, industry updates, upcoming changes…you’ll find them all here.

2) “Ask Us Anything” Sessions – Talk to the leading designers and creators in the world of pharmacy. Ask them the questions you need answered, make suggestions, generate ideas, participate in discussions, and interact with Integra staff in a way that leads to the improvements you want to see.

Sign up now and we’ll send you your SWAG Kit with a limited edition t-shirt, pin, and pen. And your pharmacy will be entered into a quarterly drawing for a pizza party. Click here to get involved.