Partial globe with North America in blue on top of fax machine.

Never encounter a busy signal or waste staff time to re-fax with Integra Cloud Fax.

Integra Cloud Fax

On-demand, virtual, and endlessly scalable, Integra Cloud Fax (ICF) provides immediate fax redundancy and fail-over. Replace your fax servers and fax telephony to send and receive faxes online.

  • No busy signals; never lose a fax.
  • Seamless fail-over capabilities and automatic backup.
  • Accommodate unexpected fax spikes with ease.
  • No additional phone lines needed to purchase or manage.
  • Maintain business continuity when it matters most.
  • Fully HIPAA compliant with military-grade encryption.
  • Eliminate hardware/software investments and upgrades.
Cloud storage room filled with servers leading to a view of outside in a distorted view.

Secure, Reliable, and Redundant

Automatic back-up and high-level redundancy prevent information loss due to interruptions during natural and man-made disasters.

“My customers are happy with increased reliability. Management is happy with reduced costs. I am happy because ICF is secure, reliable, and redundant.”

Cliff Hunt, Chief Information Officer – Senior Care Pharmacy

Scalable to Handle Varying Fax Volume

Business growth requires the right planning and technology choices. Integra Cloud Fax allows you to seamlessly take on new facility customers and handle increased fax volume as you expand your business.

“I’d say the biggest benefit for us is by far the scaling ability, basically unlimited, simultaneous incoming fax volume. We were able to scale, and stay organized in the process.”

Caleb Wilson, CFO – Reliant Pharmacy

Image of the Ethernet A2E device.

Connect the facilities you service to your Integra Cloud Fax Network with the Integra Cloud Fax (ICF) A2E Device. Grow Your LTC business securely.

Extend Cloud Fax to Your Facilities

Connect the facilities you service to your ICF Network with a simple plug-and-play A2E device. Connect the device into a traditional fax machine, to guarantee fax delivery, while your customers reap the benefits of cloud-based faxing.

  • Cloud-enable any traditional fax machine.
  • All faxes are in-network with receipt guarantee.
  • Full fail-over and redundancy expanded to your customers.
  • Fully HIPAA-compliant transport of all faxes.
  • Plug-and-play at the facility - no staff training needed.
  • Keep all current fax numbers - easy transition.
  • Fits seamlessly into existing IT infrastructure.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Developing client trust and a track record of reliability are paramount in the success of your long-term care pharmacy business.

“My primary comment on ICF is being able to know confidently that our customers are having a good experience getting us orders, and they’re not getting frustrated in the process.”

Caleb Wilson, CFO – Reliant Pharmacy

Gain Your Clients’ Trust

All fax numbers remain the same and it’s business as usual. Your customers won’t notice any changes have occurred, but they will notice the high level of service and reliability you consistently provide.

“From a customer standpoint, they’ve not seen any interruptions, whether it’s faxing in to us or us faxing out. I honestly don’t recall when the last downtime or faxing complaint we had was.”

Matt Hayden, Executive Director – Senior Care Pharmacy