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Ready to take your long-term care pharmacy to a new level of business? Integra Consulting Services can help.

Identify Potential Growth Points with Integra

“From our end, it was the best thing we could have done for ourselves. If they could do anything for us, they would.”

Darrell Holland, Executive General Manager – Legacy Consulting Pharmacy

  • Explore ways to gain new lines of revenue and business.
  • Streamline your current workflow.
  • Analyze existing processes to ensure process optimization.
  • Transition into new lines of business with Smith Select.
  • Improve integration of various technologies at your pharmacy.
  • Increase productivity by identifying new efficiencies.
  • Integrate new technologies and better utilize existing ones.

Solutions Based on Your Needs

“The biggest benefit for us was Evelyn’s willingness to engage all users to find out their needs within DocuTrack and how workflow could best be set up to help all departments. She was very considerate to everyone in explaining what could be best for operations. She moved us forward in the process and engaged both sides to offer effective solutions.”

Carl Capps, Pharmacist – Legacy Consulting Services

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Legacy Consulting Pharmacy

Legacy had grown from 25 to 40 facilities. Their workflows were not designed to handle the increase in volume. They called Integra Consulting.

“Best practices was one of my biggest things, educating us on the options and why one way was better than the other, even though there’s always different ways of doings things.”

Darrell Holland, Executive Manager – Legacy Consulting

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