Made For Pharmacies

DeliveryTrack is custom-built to meet the unique demands of long-term care pharmacies. Close the loop with proven delivery management.

  • Instantly know where your drivers are on-route.
  • Get every delivery signature, every time.
  • Answer customer inquiries quickly and accurately.
  • UPS integrated and readied for use by Couriers.
  • Transmit manifests into your system upon delivery.

Access At Every Step

Information is now at your fingertips. Track your drivers and prescriptions at all times. Relax knowing manifests with signatures are returned, in real-time, back to your pharmacy.

“It just brings a whole lot more accountability to the delivery process.”

John Mack, President – Signature Pharmacy Solutions

Female pharmacy technician working with DeliveryTrack to change a route in real time for better customer satisfaction.

Designed For Long-Term Care

DeliveryTrack was built with your pharmacy in mind – intuitive, tailored design enables a quick and seamless adoption by your staff and customers.

“Having a driver be able to walk in and walk out and not have to spend 30-45 minutes at a facility is valuable beyond anything I can say.   They can scan the manifest then move to the next facility.”

Dr. Brad Hopkins, Director – AmPharm, Inc.

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Female customer signing for LTC delivery in office on mobile device.

Gives You The Competitive Edge

Driver-tracking, delivery confirmation, real-time route optimization, and much more to turbo charge your LTC pharmacy.

“We have instant knowledge of the delivery and instant access to the original documents.  And that’s very important. It makes your customer service much stronger and makes you look much more professional in the eyes of your customer.”

Michael Kaplan, President – Medic Pharmacy

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Intuitive Integration & Adoption

Highly adaptable and customizable, DeliveryTrack works with you. Change routes, add new facilities & STAT runs, and much more.

  • Intuitive design enables drivers to quickly adapt to use.
  • Facilities benefit from a simplified drop-off process.
  • On-the-fly route modification, because changes happen.
  • Ability to monitor activity with custom reports to track trends.
  • Handle returns & exceptions with ease from your device.

End-to-End Integration

DeliveryTrack is highly integrated with most pharmacy systems, UPS, DocuTrack, and other technologies. Imagine the full audit trail from order receipt to delivery – at your fingertips.

“Deliveries are associated right to the same document in DocuTrack so you know when it was filled, who filled it, and when it was delivered.”

Joyce Rigas, Business Manager – Medic Pharmacy

Complete Order Lifecycle

Empower your staff with vital information that allows them to work faster with more accuracy, knowing where everything and everyone is at all times. The facilities you service will thank you.

“If there’s ever a question about where my delivery driver is, his device is connected to GPS. We know exactly where they are and I can tell the facility how far away the prescriptions are.”

John Mack, President – Signature Pharmacy Solutions

Real-Time Tracking

Track where every item is in the delivery process and eliminate uncertainty over whether an order was delivered.

  • Complete tracking of orders from start to finish.
  • Answer order progress inquiries accurately and quickly.
  • Monitor where your drivers are at every step, at any time.
  • Recalculate delivery estimates with real-time route changes.
  • Track all orders and keep customers up-to-date instantly.

Accurate Information

With DeliveryTrack in your pharmacy, you can be certain your clients will get the information they need.

“DeliveryTrack has several features we really like, such as telling the estimated time of arrival for a medication.   When someone calls on the phone about when their medication will be delivered, we can tell them a time.   They may ask when it will be delivered and it already has been delivered and we can tell them exactly what time it was delivered because that information is sent back to DocuTrack in real-time.”

Stephen Carroll, COO – AllCare Pharmacy

Confident Customer Service

Go the extra mile for your customers by providing answers to their questions with total accuracy. Your staff’s confidence in the information they provide will empower them to provide exceptional service.

“It’s great because you can put in a range of dates of when a prescription was delivered. You can type in the person’s name and see all of their deliveries for that time range. You’ve got signatures. You’ve got everything you need.”

Sonia Gale, Pharmacist – Hoagland Pharmacy



Customized to fit your long-term care pharmacy, your processes, your preferences, and your requirements – so it works for YOU.

  • Mimic your current delivery processes.
  • Have it your way with BYO budget-friendly devices options.
  • Custom, dynamic, or geo-fenced - build the routes you want
  • A multitude of interfaces to industry technologies.
  • Adjust your routes fit your customers needs, in real-time.
  • More flexibility prepares you for growth and change.
Pharmacy technician entering a prescription at her workstation using DocuTrack.

Multi-System Look up

Find exactly what you and your clients need, across applications, with the integrated, open-system concept found in all Integra products.

“We went with DeliveryTrack because of its integration with DocuTrack. I type in the Rx number and I can load all documents associated to that Rx: the initial hard copy that came in, who packed it, who checked it, who delivered it, who signed for it, and the date and time. And I can do that in just a matter of seconds.”

Bob King, Delivery Manager – Alternative Care

Trust The Data

As you begin to rely on the accuracy of, and ease of access to, all information provided by DeliveryTrack, you’ll start to wonder how you ever got by without it.

“Having DeliveryTrack in place, being able to track, becoming more efficient, it definitely makes us more confident of where our prescriptions are going and us running as a pharmacy.”

Dr. Brad Hopkins, Director – AmPharm, Inc.

Route Improvement

DeliveryTrack is designed to get orders to your clients faster. We crunch the data so you get better runs, routes, and scheduling.

  • Optimized routes save fuel and driver-related costs.
  • Item verification - deliver the right item the first time.
  • Track trends with reports that identify possible issues.
  • Re-route drivers on-the-fly and avoid costly delays.
  • Automated route creation does the complex work for you.

Driver Progress Visibility

Locate your drivers at any point on their route. Quickly determine if they are on schedule, and look for trends to improve the consistency of service.

“I look at the GPS feature. I can pinpoint where the driver is and how long it’s been since he made his last delivery.”

Johnny Maxwell, General Manager – AmPharm, Inc.

Drivers Love It

User-friendly route editing allows you to optimize routes based on a myriad of factors. Drivers quickly come to rely on turn-by-turn directions and like not having to pull-over for calls from the pharmacy on route progress.

“We chose DeliveryTrack because it’s easy to use. Being able to have our drivers plan their route, plan their day is great; it’s nice to have your employees work independently.”

Sonia Gale, Pharmacist – Hoagland Pharmacy

Client Satisfaction

Customer service is one of the biggest differentiators in the industry. DeliveryTrack assists you in gaining trust and exceeding expectations.

  • Tell customers where their orders are, at any time.
  • Instantly pull up signature, full name, and role of signee.
  • Send automated delivery notifications directly to your customers.
  • Allow customers to log into the portal to view order status.
  • Increase the trust your customers have in your business.

Detailed Delivery History

A full audit trail and historical document look-up allow your staff to provide detailed delivery information to customers at any time.

“If there’s a question about who signed for the medication, I can go back to that date and say what nurse signed for it, what floor it went to, and what medication was in the bin that was delivered.”

John Mack, President – Signature Pharmacy Solutions

Person signing android device screen for prescription delivery confirmation.

Your Customers Will Thank You

Answer customer inquiries with accurate information. Your staff knows when and order left the pharmacy, where it is on its route, and what time they can expect it to arrive. Once delivered, you can have a delivery notification automatically sent to them. Your customers will thank you.

“DeliveryTrack has several features we really like, such as telling the estimated time of arrival for a medication. When someone calls on the phone about when their medication will be delivered, we can tell them a time.

Stephen Carroll, COO – AllCare Pharmacy