Designed for LTC Pharmacy

DocuTrack is an end-to-end workflow solution that organizes, stores, routes, retrieves, processes, and tracks all documents and content in your pharmacy.

  • Instantly access active and archived documents.
  • Answer customer inquiries faster with more accuracy.
  • Focus staff on processing orders, not moving paper.
  • Simplify audits with electronic storage and intuitive searchability.
  • Know where every order is at all times.

Gain More Customers

Free your team to grow your business, not save it from costly workflow errors.

“DocuTrack has increased our customer service by allowing us to get answers for customers faster. We don’t have to ask a customer to hold while we go look in a filing cabinet for a delivery list or order.”

Stephen Carroll, COO – AllCare Pharmacy

Pharmacy technician looking at and processing orders in DocuTrack

Ensure Your Success

Whether faced with an audit, fax receipt inquiry, or order progress question, DocuTrack puts the information you need at your fingertips.

“I just did an audit in 2 minutes flat! Thank you, DocuTrack! Normally that would have been a 30 – 60-minute task. Oh, how I love this system even more than I already did!”

Kristin Mutter, Billing Coordinator – Shared Pharmacy Services

Female pharmacist performing auditing and prescription lookup in DocuTrack on dual monitors .

Service Keeps Customers

Integra understands that service can make or break a business. DocuTrack was built to reduce errors, increase efficiency, and empower staff.

“There’s no more putting the customer on hold or saying we’ll call you back and going to pull a file. It’s right there, right in front of you with the click of a button.”

Mark Dame, Marketing Director – Managed Healthcare Pharmacy

Better Productivity

Fully integrated and highly intuitive, DocuTrack integrates seamlessly with your current processes.  Your team will wonder how they ever lived without it.

  • Automated document routing to save time.
  • Instant order look-up to get information faster.
  • Integrated barcode reader to batch process refills.
  • Alerts to notify staff of chokepoints in workflow.
  • Audit Assist tool to find everything, at any time.

Automated Document Routing

Learn how this simple LTC solution can significantly boost productivity.

“Documents come in. They’re imported directly into DocuTrack. They’re then routed to where they need to go. So all the paper handling and the printing and the fax issues are gone.”

Ray Hawkins, IT Manager – AmPharm, Inc.

Female pharmacist processing prescription with DocuTrack running on dual monitors.

More Time On-Task

DocuTrack removes paper-related processes to keep your team working on tasks, not chasing down documents.

“Having a system like DocuTrack lets me spend more time with my patients, more time with the customers, and more time growing our relationships.”

Carson Huntoon, Pharmacist – Hoagland Pharmacy


Eliminate uncertainly over whether something was received or completed, and track where every item is in the fulfillment process.

  • Get a complete audit history for every action on an order.
  • Instantly send fax received confirmations to the facility.
  • Instantly route STAT orders to the right handler.
  • Monitor your pharmacy’s productivity in real-time.
  • Maintain complete HIPAA compliance.
Woman processing prescriptions in DocuTrack.

Centralized User Management

DocuTrack allows a seamless connection between departments, digitally passing documents back and forth with ease.

“We were looking for something that would tie all the departments together and increase efficiencies.”

Randall S. Clem, President – Managed Healthcare Pharmac

Dual monitor set up with DocuTrack running on both.

Reliable Peace of Mind

DocuTrack provides alerts, reports, fax-back notifications, and real-time status updates so you are prepared for anything.

“We’ve actually had Medicare auditors walk into our building unannounced and want us to provide documents quickly. And we’ve been able to do that and really have had no deficiencies on the Medicare side because it’s so easy and quick to find those documents in DocuTrack.”

Amy Cruse, Operations Manager – AmPharm, Inc.

Complete Flexibility

Tailored to your pharmacy with editable workflows and import rules, DocuTrack scales with your pharmacy.

  • Mirrors current processes for seamless adoption.
  • Over 50 interfaces to industry technologies.
  • Remote access to monitor staff or work anywhere.
  • Centralized user management and custom user roles.
  • Easily editable workflows for continual growth.

Scalable Design

DocuTrack is designed so it can change and grow based on your needs. Easily edit workflow so it works for you.

“DocuTrack has really helped us get organized and stay organized.  I’ve been really happy with the decision to go with    DocuTrack.”

Steve Boulanger, President/CEO – Mercury Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy technician checking prescription with DocuTrack on computer terminal.

Custom-Fit To Your Processes

Show your Integra account manager how you do things. Then let us help you build custom workflows for easy adoption.

“It was absolutely effortless on our part to get set up. Integra did it all.”

Aaron Koch, IT Manager – Northwest Health Systems, Inc.

Decrease Costs

DocuTrack is designed to automate manual tasks and decrease errors so your team spends more time fulfilling orders.

  • One-click electronic fax-out to keep staff on task.
  • Elimination of paper and paper-related processes.
  • Automated routing for less manual intervention.
  • Barcodes automate on-demand and PRN refill processing.
  • Expedite processing with instant access to electronic forms.

The Competitive Edge

Increase output with streamlined workflow and a better understanding of your customers’ needs.

“If you’re trying to operate a long-term care pharmacy and move any kind of volume efficiently, then you 100% should have a DocuTrack. If you want to be competitive in this environment, then it’s something you have to do. I would say it’s not really even an option.”

Brandon Weeks, Director of Operations – IHS LTC Pharmacy

Female pharmacist doing research on patinet at workstation with dual monitors.

Protect Your Business

DocuTrack protects you and your business with a full audit history for reliable accountability.

“With DocuTrack, you can send a document that has everything that happened on it (and) that’s huge. In the end, it’s going to help the residents and the patients, which is why we do what we do.”

Brandon Weeks, Director of Operations – IHS LTC Pharmacy

Improve Service

Provide excellent service by getting customers what they need before they even know they need it.

  • Fax-received notifications reduce status inquiries.
  • Order-status look-up answers customer calls quickly.
  • Secure texting provides a preferred communication method.
  • Reporting gives you insight into peak order receipt times.
  • Extensive integration to work with your customers’ preferred technologies.

Set Your Pharmacy Apart

Empower your long-term care pharmacy facility and staff with tools that enhance the customer experience.

“DocuTrack improved customer service by allowing us to answer questions quickly. It saves not only saves our time, but our customers’ time on a problem they may be working on.”

Mike Stafford, Pharmacist in Charge – Alternative Care

Young man speaking to customer while using DocuTrack in front of computer workstation.

Customers First, Every Time

With DocuTrack’s customization tools, you can create the best LTC environment that puts clients first.

“There’s no more putting the customer on hold or saying we’ll call you back and going to pull a file. It’s right there, right in front of you with the click of a button.”

Mark Dame, Marketing Director – Managed Healthcare Pharmacy