Female Pharmacist holding mobile device with secure messaging app running on it.

DocuTrack’s integrated Secure Text Messaging app allows instant communication between you and your customers.

Improving Data Handling & Communication

Integra offers clients a multi-faceted, flexible approach to communication. We connect you to your customers and vendor partners securely so you can exchange data and information using tools that work best for you.

  • Industry recognized methods.
  • Secure text messaging.
  • e-Prescribing options.
  • Cloud faxing solutions.
  • Security through encryption.
  • Fully HIPPA-compliant.
  • Supported by industry standards.

Helping You Manage Your Work Efficiently

“Ultimately, we want to give pharmacies the ability to manage their work in the most efficient manner, regardless of how that work comes into the pharmacy or what that work is. That is what we have focused our solutions on doing. You can’t truly manage work until you consolidate it. That’s what we are trying to achieve.”

Louie Foster, Integra Director and Product Manager for DocuTrack and Logix

Keyboard with blue icon and mail icon in blue and white with a lock on it.

Process more orders and grow your LTC pharmacy with Secure Text.

Communicate Faster, In a Way Customers Prefer

90% of text messages are read in under three minutes. Secure text messaging, sent right from your desktop, will get your team the answers they need faster.

  • Capitalize on the immediacy of text.
  • Eliminate costly phone hold/wait times.
  • Keep your team on task.
  • Quickly handle simple questions.
  • Simple integrated DocuTrack chat window.
  • Single DocuTrack logon simplifies process.
Pharmacist using Smartphone

Offer your customers the peace of mind of easy direct messaging. Save time, money, and lost business.

Document Transport Made Easy

Electronically send documents and forms using secure email based exchange. Simple, yet secure, you can quickly exchange data with just a single connection point.

  • No complex encryption like secure email.
  • Eliminates the need for secure portals/logins.
  • Guaranteed delivery w/read notifications.
  • No document reformatting upon transport.
  • Routing barcodes will still work.
  • No per page fees or phone company hassles.
  • Easy, intuitive integration with your pharmacy.
Wired computer mouse, pill bottle with pills spilling out (red & yellow) on top of Rx pad.

Take control of how your long-term care pharmacy receives and processes electronic prescriptions with the eRx Module.

Take Control of Your Electronic Prescriptions

The eRx Module gives pharmacies control over how they receive and process electronic prescriptions, allowing incoming NCPDP 10.6 messages to be processed through DocuTrack import rules and pharmacy workflow.

  • Fully NCPDP 10.6 and EPCS compliant.
  • Preserves XML compliant with 10.6 regulations.
  • Highly flexible and configurable.
  • Alerts monitor incoming eRx messages.
  • Customizable message templates.
  • Information displayed in readable, standard script format.
  • Simple, remote install with no downtime.
  • FREE to DocuTrack customers.