DocuTrack Testimonials

AllCare Pharmacy Wanted More:

  • Improved productivity and audits so they could focus on customer service.
  • Customized workflows to get the most out of their team.
  • A motivated team that embraced organizational change and took ownership.

Hoagland Pharmacy Uses DocuTrack To:

  • Prioritize and organize orders.
  • Accelerate their processes.
  • Create multiple opportunities to improve service.
  • Free up resources to create more revenue opportunities.

“It Runs the Pharmacy”

The team at AmPharm know all about other long-term care pharmacy management systems. They’ve used them all. So you can trust their judgment as they describe how DocuTrack helped identify their workflow chokepoints and created multiple efficiencies to the point where “DocuTrack is really what runs [their] pharmacy.”

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DeliveryTrack Testimonials

See How Medic Pharmacy Uses DeliveryTrack to:

  • Create accountability.
  • Shorten delivery times.
  • Eliminate redundancies and improve workflow.
  • Provide instant knowledge for their customers.
  • Manage other departments.

Leon Medical Centers Uses DeliveryTrack to:

  • Create checks & balances for audits, patients, and themselves.
  • Protect their drivers from errors.
  • Cater to their customers' needs.
  • Use customer service to grow business, not fix business.
  • Identify problems before they occur.

Hoagland Pharmacy Uses DeliveryTrack To:

  • Provide door to door service.
  • Give customers confidence about their medication.
  • Easily create audit reports.
  • Deliver more prescriptions to a larger customer base.
  • Give their delivery drivers more flexibility.

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Logix – Eliminate Redundant Processes

Learn how Logix works and how it can transform your pharmacy workflow.


“You roll out Logix and it is like having another staffer.  One click and you’re done.”


Mary Glavan, VP Support Services – MACRx

The Logix Calculator

How to Use - It's easy. Just put in the number of documents you think you process every month. You'll see the savings instantly. Then schedule your demo and start growing your LTC.

Calculator numbers based off five processes each handling 6% of total documents. Savings based on $15/hr for average pharmacy technician salary. Based on existing customer data. Savings are not a guarantee.

Take your existing repetitive processes…

How many workflows does your LTC pharmacy currently utilize? Now think of how many steps are involved.

Think about your pharmacy processes and how many steps each of your team takes to make them happen.

…and simplify them into this.

Your staff could be increasing output, and growing your business, with Logix at your fingertips.

Logix places all of those manual steps into a single-click process. Imagine the freedom for your staff and what more they could focus on.

Integra Cloud Fax (ICF) Case Studies

“Before it was a guessing game as to why a fax didn’t come through. ‘We don’t know what happened, maybe you caught a busy signal. Who knows what happened.’  Integra Cloud Fax takes the guessing out.  It’s nice to be able to tell a customer confidently what is going on.”

Caleb Wilson,  CFO, Reliant Pharmacy




Integra Consulting Services - Female pharmacist and male consultant looking at screen of tablet in a pharmacy.

Tell Integra about your business and processes and let’s see if we are a fit to help you. Our experts are dedicated to helping improve your pharmacy business.

Pharmacy Consulting Services –

Integra is staffed with highly skilled technologists and pharmacy experts. Whether you want to reevaluate your workflow after business changes, uncover more efficient methods to increase productivity, or evaluate your overall pharmacy business, the Integra Team is here to help.

“The biggest benefit was Evelyn’s willingness to engage all users in all departments.  This was instrumental in our implementations.”

Carl Capps, Staff Pharmacist – Legacy Consulting Pharmacy